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When choosing any type of service provider, an important deciding factor is how the service is rated by actual customers. We hear from many satisfied customers and want to share with you not only their words but
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WOW! Every now and then you run across that product and/or service that really is all that they say it is. I spent some time before making my purchase with Brenda on "live help". It's been a while sense I looked for hosting, but I can tell you that the whole process has been incredibly personal and professional. Most long term relationships last because of service, but ServerGrid has it all from comprehensive help systems to complete instructional documentation and their control panel is the best I ever used. What is offered on the site is what you get. ServerGrid came through with flying colors and I am very excited to get started; moving all my sites over. I have several types of requirements so I had several different hosting companies - not anymore, ServerGrid services cover all my need now. Great job to all who spend countless hours setting up and maintaining a great working and very functional company.

Steve Nyhof
Steve Nyhof Enterprises, Inc.

Hands down, ServerGrid is the BEST service provider that I've had in the past 7 years. Every time I've had a question or needed technical support, assistance was merely minutes away. I've never had a long wait time to get the help I need or to get a problem fixed. The uptime has been superb as well which is critical in my business.

Geoffrey Faivre-Malloy
Purple Duck Software, Inc.

I have been in the web development business for five years. Among many web hosting services, ServerGrid is the best I have experienced. Your technology is up-to-date, your customer service is personal and timely, and yet your price is still very competitive. I would recommend any one to use your web hosting service.

Fred Li, CEO
Cyberway Inc.

I was looking for a Windows solution for my site with stable uptime and excellent customer service. When I found ServerGrid, I found home. Courteous staff, reliability, and fast tech support. Doesn't get any better than this.

Tom Amador, Webmaster

What do I like about ServerGrid? The most important answer of website hasn't been down since I've been with them. You expect them to give you all the bells and whistles on any hosting company these days along with helping you when you need it. But if your website goes down its like having the phone company shut off your phone...lost customers. My last hosting company was down every week.


Several years ago we were having a hard time getting quality customer service from our web host so we started looking for something better. When we came across ServerGrid we saw the features we wanted and the price looked pretty good. We put their support team to the test before becoming a customer and we were blown away at how responsive and knowledgeable they were. We were so impressed that we moved all of our domains. We have been so pleased that we tell all of our friends and clients about ServerGrid and challenge them to find a better hosting solution. We have found comfort knowing ServerGrid is there to support us with our web development needs.

Steve Meade, President
The Visual Studio

ServerGrid customer service is outstanding. When "crises" happened it proved very useful to have your competent and fast replies - coming with the reaction time of autoresponders! It was also unusual and helpful to have a web host check faulty code and provide advises and recommend links for coding information.


I first signed on with ServerGrid because I was looking for a web hosting service that offered as wide a range of scripting technologies as possible. I was hoping to try out ASP .NET, PHP and CGI scripting in Perl before making a decision about which to study more intensively. ServerGrid offered the kind of flexibility I was looking for as well as excellent support when I ran into difficulties or had questions. In fact, I have enjoyed my experiences with ServerGrid so much that I have recommended its hosting services to a church group that I work with as well as a limited liability partnership that I am involved in.

(sites under development)

I was looking for hosting where I can host several host in one account. And I found it here. Adding new sites is very easy and doesn't required additional payment. That's great! Now I host three sites and going to host more. And it's important for me that I can use ASP.NET for building web sites. Another positive feature of this service is very fast answers to all my questions (even at night or weekends). And all answers are very constructive and helpful. Thank you very much for your service!

Alexandre Konioukhov

This is for anyone who is thinking about creating their own website, and wants it to be a creative, easy and helpful experience. I am not familiar with computer writing codes (ex: HTML), but wanted to create a site that family and friends could read every day and keep up to date on what was going on with all the others. I was referred to ServerGrid, and I am more than grateful for that referral, because my web page was able to be set up and running in only two days. The Site Studio was invaluable to me, in that it made it so easy to create the text I wanted, add in photos, pictures, change colors and fonts, and choose what the site would look like. No matter what day, (and sometimes it was two or three days in a row), if I have a question or problem, they get back to me as fast as possible with the solutions and answers. So here's MY referral to anyone considering setting up a web page of their own - don't waste a minute thinking about "who" to have host your site - - if you want great results, easy to follow guidelines, tons of help, and a happy and satisfying experience creating your web site, go to ServerGrid! It's wonderful!

Christine P.
(Private family site)

ServerGrid support is excellent. Both via the phone as well as "Live Help". Any time I have had issues, questions or concerns, ServerGrid staff have been most responsive - usually helping me resolve my problem within minutes! You can get lots of places that have cheap hosting support...But I believe only ServerGrid combines low cost with great support which makes for great peace of mind for me as a customer.

(sites under development)

The ease and speed of set-up was refreshing. Also, the online "tech support-chat" feature helped me with specifics that I just couldn't get from other web hosting sites.

Tim Wibking

Behind all hosting companies are people. They make the policies .. they provide the service. I have had sites hosted since 1996, and have not found a friendlier, more helpful, more responsive web hosting company. On top of that, their hosting packages are excellent value!

David S
Monterey, CA.

I not only received assistance changing hosts and renewing my web address but I was also given a tremendous amount of support when my previous hosting company tried to make the transition confusing and difficult. I've never felt uncomfortable about asking for help.

Sandra Czarnecki

I just wanted to let you know that moving my web sites to ServerGrid has been such a positive experience. The features of your hosting packages, your service, and your support are top-notch. This saves me time and money, and gives me a good advantage over my local design competitors.

Dale Shad

Our experience has been very positive. Everything was done via live chat. Our needs were fairly complex and involved, but the support person easily handled everything within about fifteen minutes.

Matthew Macarty

Excellent hosting features, reliable service and good technical support!! What more could you ask for? Definitely a cut above most hosting companies...

J. Haines

ServerGrid provided us with the best web hosting package on the web. Their customer care is fast, reliable and unmatched. We truly appreciate their value-added quality and their expertise in web hosting.

Vasanthy Nandakumaran
Vice President
Nanda Publications

I work for a company that has several sites at other hosts. The main reason that I moved to ServerGrid is the excellent control panel. In addition, the servers are very fast, pages pop up instantly. The site is always up. Email always works. I have occasionally had difficulties setting up new site features. I have always gotten a reply within hours or minutes with excellent advice that solved the problem.


I've always found Adam and the staff at ServerGrid to be very helpful and patient with even what seems to be some of my simplest questions. I always get a prompt reply. Keep up the good work.

Ethan Ray

I was looking for a server company which can host ASP.NET pages. I browsed the web and came across ServerGrid. I had many questions in setting up the websites, SMTP and databases. But the support engineers were always there to answer our questions. I got support from ServerGrid as late as or as early as 3 AM. Also they always had the answer. I like the new FAQ section. This can greatly reduce the calls I make to Thanks goes to Adam and other support staff at for their continued support.


We were with one of the very large hosting companies for about a year, before signing up with ServerGrid a few months ago. From the first day we signed up with you, I could tell that we were in good hands. Support is one of the most crucial things a host provides and your support is excellent. Our support requests have always been answered promptly, courteously, and correctly. It's a pleasure doing business with you.

Kerry Mark Blackman
Worldwide Classified Ads, Inc.

I started neting in 1989 (BBS), worked for the first ISP company in Israel, been doing web development from 1997, owned a webdev firm for 4 years, and was a partner in 4 startup companies... All of this is just to state that I have been around our block for a long long time, and through all this time, I don't think I even encountered a firm so supportive, professional, fair, fast to respond as your company.

Every time I am in need of help, your support staff on the webchat (which by the way I helped develop :) is not only fast to respond, but so friendly and attentive. This is especially important when using shared hosting to host professional websites, and have clients with real needs in real time.

To wrap it up, I am truly thankful for what you have done for me, and am sure you will continue this great standard of service for years to come!

Allon Ram
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